Barbecue Unplugged


Barbecue Unplugged book

BOB HART’S BARBECUE UNPLUGGED: The earthy simplicity and incomparable flavours of cooking with fire – out of doors

ISBN: 978-0-646-97442-2
Author: Bob Hart; photography: Manuela Cifra
Format: Hardcover

BOB HART’S BARBECUE UNPLUGGED — like its predecessors, HEAT & SMOKE and HEAT & SMOKE II — is a stylish and eye-catching book of 148 pages, this time between hard covers, with some of the most eye-catching and seductive live barbecue photographs ever captured: this is a book that not only tells it the way it is, but also shows it the way it is. Also, it is a book that takes us well beyond the standard fare of modern barbecue.

Here, new and stunning techniques for cooking such things as oysters, king prawns, even lobster tails and slabs of super-premium fish are outlined and explored.

Chicken is enchantingly prepared with Mexican leanings, fresh figs and even using classical Indian techniques. And the mighty rib-eye steak – Hart’s particular favourite, and unquestionably the premium steak of this generation – is realigned along Asian lines in ways never before contemplated.

All that, and sweet, smoking desserts, also. In short, a book of total surprises, and a totally surprising book.