Barbecue Unplugged


Bob Hart

BOB HART is an all-round food tragic who has become a Melbourne institution through his witty but authoritative writing and broadcasting on food in general, and barbecue in particular. He can sing, too ... sort of. Bob trained, in Queensland, as a journalist and spent a decade writing first news, and then features and showbiz columns, for The Sun newspaper on London’s Fleet Street in the 1970s — a golden era for newspapers. He then moved to the record industry for the 1980s, mining another golden era, before returning to journalism in general, and food writing in particular, in Melbourne in the early 1990s. His passion for barbecue began in the years he lived in the US — the home of low, slow cooking — where, in 1980, he bought his first Weber kettle along with a bag of charcoal and some hickory chunks. And, inevitably, the smoke began to rise…

Manuela Cifra

MANUELA CIFRA has been a photographer for the Herald Sun newspaper, Melbourne’s all-powerful tabloid, for 20 years, where she remains an effective and valued senior staff member. Even though, as she happily admits, news has never been her passion. In fact, she would rather photograph a seductive plate of pasta than a tragic traffic accident any day of the week. For the Herald Sun, Manny has specialised in feature assignments: she has photographed celebrities, food, fashion, animals (especially dogs) and ordinary people — quietly, efficiently, at times almost invisibly … and brilliantly. And thus, Manny was a logical choice for this surprisingly spontaneous and natural book. In fact, rather than simply slip into the distinctive style of the book, as Hart acknowledges, she has profoundly influenced that style and, therefore, the final result.